40 Informative Forums for Law Enforcement Professionals

Law enforcement can be an exciting and interesting field. However, in some cases, you can’t talk about what you’ve seen, or it’s hard to explain your complex feelings about the job to those who don’t have a similar frame of reference. In such cases, it can help you visit a forum.

The Internet offers a large number of forums that you can visit if you are involved in law enforcement. From being an officer of the law, to being a lawyer in the criminal justice system, and even to those in the military, you can find others who understand you with the help of online forums. Here are 40 forums for law enforcement professionals:

Law Enforcement Officers

There are a number of forums available for law enforcement officers. From local police, to state troopers, to FBI professionals and others, these forums can be a great place to connect to others in the profession.

  1. Officer.com Forums: Great forums related to law enforcement. Connect with others, and share stories and frustrations.
  2. Real Police Forums: Includes restricted areas off limits to those who aren’t in law enforcement.
  3. 911JobsForums: Get your questions answered from those who do law enforcement jobs. A great place to connect.
  4. APBWeb Forums: Great chat, FAQs and more related to police work and law enforcement.
  5. PoliceOne Police Forums: You can browse public forums, or you can enter secure forums, especially for law enforcement.
  6. PoliceWorld: Discussions, helpful hints, and more related to police and law enforcement.
  7. POLICE Magazine Forums: Connect with other law enforcement officers through the forums at the POLICE Magazine web site.
  8. PoliceHub: A great place to congregate online and talk about police work. Plenty of interesting discussions and news.
  9. NJLawman.com Forums: A place for the law enforcement community, especially those members in New Jersey.
  10. International Law Enforcement Forum: Connect with law enforcement officers from all over the world. A great place to make new friends.
  11. PoliceWives.org: This is a great forum for the wives of police officers. Connect and share.


Lawyers play a vital role in the criminal justice system and in law enforcement. It you are an attorney, or a law student, you can visit one of these forums to connect with others, and even learn something new.

  1. TheAttorneysForum.com: Message board that can be used to have law questions answered, and to connect.
  2. Law Vibe: Discuss questions of law with others in your profession. A great place to connect.
  3. Criminal Lawyer Forum: A great place to meet to get information about criminal law, and learn a little more about this aspect of criminal justice and law enforcement.
  4. CourtForum.com: Share insights, and have lively discussions, about law, law enforcement, and the justice system.
  5. LawInfo Legal Discussion Boards: Keep up with different laws and legal theory, and connect with other lawyers.
  6. WORLD Law Direct: An interesting place to go in order to find out more about law, and more. Also visit the law wiki and other resources.
  7. Women Lawyers Forum: This great forum offered by the Canadian Bar Association helps female lawyers connect to each other.
  8. The Law Forums: Get answers to questions about law. Great resource for law enforcement officers and the public alike.
  9. Law School Discussion: Find out more about law school, getting in, and how to survive the process.
  10. Criminal Justice Forum: This is meant for the public dealing with criminal justice issues. It can be a great resource for lawyers and law enforcement officers alike. A different perspective.

Military Personnel

In many cases, military personnel act as law enforcement officers while abroad. If you are involved in the military, you can share stories, and connect with people who understand your situation and experiences.

  1. Military.com Forums: Discuss issues and connect with other military personnel who understand your situation.
  2. Military Forums: MilitarySpot offers some great information on military careers, as well as discussions and debates.
  3. International Military Forums: See photos, chat, and make connections with military service personnel from all over the world.
  4. Military Photos Forum: Share images, rant, and connect. A great place to blow off some steam.
  5. Army Forums: Share your Army story, connect with others, and realize that you are not alone.
  6. MilitaryTimes.com Forum: Connect with others on the MilitaryTimes web site. A great place to visit if you want to share your story, and read about others’ experiences.
  7. AllMilitary.com Form: Another great forum that allows you to connect with others in the military in a meaningful way. Includes forums for the major branches, as well as a forum for military spouses and families.
  8. Military Wives: A good place for military wives to congregate online, and commiserate with people who understand them.
  9. VetFriends: Meant for Veterans looking to reconnect with old comrades. A great place to look for fellow veterans.

Law Enforcement Job Forums

If you are interested in learning more about the law enforcement jobs available to you, these forums can be a valuable resource. Check out these forums for information on finding and securing a law enforcement job.

  1. PoliceLink: Job site Monster.com offers a great community. Find jobs, chat, and learn more about police work.
  2. CopSeek Job Board: You can use this job board and job search to find law enforcement jobs.
  3. Police Employment: Career information, discussions and job postings in law enforcement. A great resource for those looking for a job in law enforcement.
  4. JobCop: Join this community and learn about law enforcement training, as well as get access to job descriptions. Informative and interesting.
  5. PoliceJobsInfo: Get information on careers in law enforcement at the city, state, and federal level. Find different jobs with the job board, and have your questions answered.
  6. Blue Line Jobs: This U.K. law enforcement web site can provide you with access to job opportunities, and to a great community.
  7. FBIjobs: If you are interested in a career with the FBI, this can be a great place to visit. It’s the government information and job forum for FBI employment.
  8. USMilitary.com: Find out more about different jobs and careers, including those for civilians.
  9. MilitaryHire: Use this job forum to find a job as a veteran.
  10. LawJobs: Find a job as a lawyer. A great starting point.