30 Helpful Websites Every New Attorney Should Bookmark

If studying for a criminal justice degree, you are about to learn a lot about the law. But what do you do if you need the knowledge of the attorney but without the degree and law license? Even if you are an attorney, laws can change faster than degrees are printed, and it can be a lot to keep up with.

No matter what your career in criminal justice is, it can be advantageous to know about the law as it happens. To help, we have gathered 30 helpful websites every new attorney should bookmark. They can help you do everything from reading about the latest ruling to practicing or working in a specific area of law.

Helpful General Websites Every New Attorney Should Bookmark

Both new and experienced attorneys will enjoy these legal sites full of information.

  1. ABA Journal
    Every lawyer should have the official site of the American Bar Association’s journal bookmarked. It contains the latest news for and by lawyers. They also have tons of blogs, podcasts, and much more.
  2. Supreme Court of the United States
    Get the latest information for the highest court in all the 50 states. You can look to see what’s on the docket, oral arguments, rules, and even case handling guides. They also have recent decisions and opinions right on the homepage.
  3. Department of Justice
    See how justice is carried out at the highest levels on this must bookmark site. A few of the latest choices on the site include open government, the criminal justice system, and the Affordable Care Act. You can also check out the latest news, as well as read their official blog.
  4. Office of the Attorney General
    Check up on the Lawyer-In-Chief at this site. News and updates on the office are often featured. There are also links to many related sites.
  5. Smart Brief
    They keep on top of many industries, including law. In the PLI Brief, the law and its practice are discussed in detail. There are many new stories every day and are often organized by most clicked.
  6. Law.com
    Get all things attorney on this site. They have legal research and directories, surveys, publications, jobs, and more. You can also get the latest news and videos on the homepage.
  7. Lawyers.com
    The sort of Google for lawyers, new attorneys may want to be listed here to be connected with future clients. They also have legal help and resources, as well as downloadable legal forms. You can also check out the blog and articles by and for attorneys.
  8. On Point
    Get a new take on legal news here. They often include legal opinions on the many pressing and controversial issues of the day. You can even look up news by case.
  9. Justice
    Learn more about the court system and attorneys in the UK with a visit here. Popular current choices include procedure rules, employment tribunal, and probate service. You can also get the latest news on the homepage.
  10. Department of Justice
    Get justice Canadian style with a visit here. Their DOJ also has an Attorney General, along with a minister. You can also learn much more including procedures and news.

Helpful Blogs Every New Attorney Should Bookmark

Get law talk straight from lawyers in these helpful blogs.

  1. Law Practice Management
    William L. Pfeifer is an attorney and a freelance writer who has written extensively on legal issues and the practice of law. Check out his blog and site for About.com with tons of helpful advice for lawyers. Must reads include “Become the Expert in Your Specialty” and “3 Quick Tips for Lawyer Time Management.”
  2. Overlawyered
    Walter Olson is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute (formerly at the Manhattan Institute) and author of several books about the U.S. litigation system. Also the author of this blog, he details the high cost of the legal system. See why people dislike lawyers and how to avoid becoming one with a read.
  3. Law Blog
    With a blog for just about every industry, “The Wall Street Journal” also chimes in on law. It covers the notable legal cases, trends, and personalities of interest to the business community. Unlike some other areas of WSJ, you don’t need a subscription to read the blog.
  4. SCOTUS Blog
    Stop here for the blog that covers the latest in Supreme Court news. Sponsored by Goldstein & Russell, they have the latest posts on everything from manifest disregard to gays in the military. You can even see which petitions they are watching and why.
  5. Above the Law
    This blog covers everything for attorneys from big practices to small firms. You can find the latest news in law, as well as tips for law school or finding a job. The Career Center is also a big help for new attorneys.
  6. Legal Juice
    Get a daily dose of legal related enjoyment with a visit to this blog. It is published by John B. Mesirow of Mesirow & Stravitz, PLLC. There are even little Juice Drops on items such as court ordered ankle monitors and faking cancer.
  7. Point of Law
    This is a web magazine sponsored by the Manhattan Institute that brings together information and opinion on the U.S. litigation system. Categories feature everything from administered compensation to whistleblower law. There are also podcasts for the listening.
  8. Dear Esq
    Have a legal question but are too embarrassed to ask in person? Then stop by here to post a legal question anonymously. You can also check out the tons of questions that have already been answered.
  9. Jurist
    Legal news and research is featured on this blog. It is sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Law. Cases discussed include everything from small town laws to the international.
  10. Blawg Review
    If the above isn’t enough for you, stop here. It is a collection of all the law blogs from across the web. They feature the best in stories in one place.

Helpful Specific Websites Every New Attorney Should Bookmark

These sites focus on a specific aspect of law.

  1. Blawg IT
    Patent, trademark, copyright, and internet law are discussed here. Brett Trout is a patent attorney who focuses on the peculiarities of the law. One of his latest posts was on the Flyover Effect.
  2. First Amendment Center
    If you are a new attorney who is all about free speech, then you should be all about this site. Ken Paulson is president and chief executive officer of the center and has entries on religion, press, assembly, and petition. He even features lesson plans and a special section entitled “Moot Court.”
  3. Constitutional Law Prof Blog
    You don’t have to be one of Professor Schwinn or Robson’s students to appreciate this blog, but it doesn’t hurt. They specialize in constitutional law and often comment on related issues in the media. Current ones include the death penalty and an open government initiative.
  4. Crime and Consequences
    This blog is sponsored by the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation. They approach criminal law issues from the perspective of victims of crime and the law abiding public. Everything from academia to victims’ rights is taken on in blog entries.
  5. Election Law Blog
    Learn about election law from the experts with a visit to this blog. They cover the “law of politics and the politics of law” in one convenient place. Recent posts are a series on the Fraudulent Fraud Squad.
  6. How Appealing
    Get the “web’s first blog devoted to appellate litigation” with a visit here. Howard J. Bashman is your blogger and is part of Pennsylvania’s Appellate Boutique. He often takes recent decisions and gives his expert opinion on them.
  7. Sentencing Law and Policy
    Douglas A. Berman is a professor of law at Ohio State University and a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network. Get the latest news on sentences of the convicted with a visit.
  8. Law and Magic
    The title of the blog is actually a good choice, as this is all about the law and magical subjects, such as freedom of religion and the occult. A recent post was even on how “The Wizard of Oz” pertains to witness examination.
  9. The Blog of Legal Times
    Ever hear how lobbyists are ruining the country? Find out how and why with a visit here. They bring you law and lobbying news from Washington D.C.
  10. TED Law
    Finally, if the above aren’t enough for you, click here. TED is a leading website that features speakers who are leaders in their field. A variety of experts are also featured on legal subjects such as global labor and simplifying legal jargon.

And there are many other places to find answers than the above 30 websites every new attorney should bookmark. For example, if looking for salary information in various criminal justice areas, click here.