Media Depictions of Working in Criminal Justice Versus Reality

The field of criminal justice has experienced a large amount of interest in the last decade, partly because of how the media depicts the profession. The influx of interested individuals pursuing a criminal justice degree is great for generating to interest, but distorts what to expect on the job or in the field. It’s easy to get the impression that jobs with a criminal justice degree will be the sort of “high octane” endeavors that will lead to a consistently entertaining career, but you’ll experience much more downtime than depicted in the ratings-driven media. Below we’ll discuss some of the differences between the media and what it’s actually like to work in criminal justice-related jobs.

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The Legal Hall of Fame: 10 Key Figures in the History of Law

It’s difficult to objectively pluck a mere ten figures from the annals of history to feature as key lawyers for the criminal justice system. But this list was created with an eye to men and women, black and white, who made their marks in American courts over the past 300 years. Some individuals served as U.S. Presidents (actually, only two are noted here, although 25 lawyers eventually became presidents). The women are included as markers for progress, showing that even Bella Abzug was denied entry to law school because of her gender as late as the 20th century. All ten lawyers listed below fought for justice, often in unpopular venues and in with remarkable skill and ethics.

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30 Helpful Websites Every New Attorney Should Bookmark

If studying for a criminal justice degree, you are about to learn a lot about the law. But what do you do if you need the knowledge of the attorney but without the degree and law license? Even if you are an attorney, laws can change faster than degrees are printed, and it can be a lot to keep up with.

No matter what your career in criminal justice is, it can be advantageous to know about the law as it happens. To help, we have gathered 30 helpful websites every new attorney should bookmark. They can help you do everything from reading about the latest ruling to practicing or working in a specific area of law.

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40 Informative Forums for Law Enforcement Professionals

Law enforcement can be an exciting and interesting field. However, in some cases, you can’t talk about what you’ve seen, or it’s hard to explain your complex feelings about the job to those who don’t have a similar frame of reference. In such cases, it can help you visit a forum.

The Internet offers a large number of forums that you can visit if you are involved in law enforcement. From being an officer of the law, to being a lawyer in the criminal justice system, and even to those in the military, you can find others who understand you with the help of online forums. Here are 40 forums for law enforcement professionals:

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The 50 Best Blogs Discussing Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is one of the most hotly debated issues facing the United States criminal justice system. While over 70 percent of the general population reportedly supports the death penalty, there is a growing movement of vocal opposition to the practice. The main reasons that these people oppose the death penalty vary, but many cite racial bias, errors which cause innocents to be executed, and cruelty of the execution method. These are 50 of the best blogs and resources that discuss both sides of the issue.

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Top 50 Criminal Defense Blogs

Whether you are the victim, family member, or alleged perpetrator, chances are you are going to encounter the criminal defense system at some time in your life. However, hiring a lawyer is more expensive than ever. Why not save yourself a few hours of research and a few thousand dollars by checking out a blog?

They can help put criminal defense law into laymen’s terms, help for filing motions, or even tips for how to get arrested properly. To help, we have gathered the top 50 criminal defense blogs. Written by public defenders, private lawyers, law professors, and even district attorneys, they are sure to have something useful.

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